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By Stephen Armstrong

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see a movie or a stage play about your life? Not just to watch your life go by again, but to see how other characters and situations have influenced you and how your choices have opened doors that brought you to where you are now? This book will give you a director’s eye view of how you relate to your life and others in it. It allows you to step out of yourself temporarily and see the many layers of yourself from all angles, and to see how you and your experiences fit together to write the story we call This Life. It will inspire you to let go a little more and enjoy who you are. You have become writer, director, actor, and audience.


By Frank M Walton

What a revelation. Dr. Lindal and I share a mutual friend, who shared this book with me. Admittedly the cover and title did not jump out at me as the kind of book I would typically be drawn to (spiritual, usually Buddhist or Eastern thought).  After it sat for a  couple of months on my nightstand, my friend returned to town and I thought I’d best at least skim through it so I could return it. It was a slow start for me, but I was in for the shock of my life when I soon started to realize I couldn’t merely skim the material. I needed to highlight, revisit, absorb. And often pick myself off the floor. In a nutshell, this is a handbook for life. I wish I had this text 30 years ago. It certainly would have saved me so much time in understanding why we’re here. If you’ve ever pondered the mystery of life, you owe it to yourself to at least explore the journey presented here. Possibly the single most important work on spirituality I’ve ever read.


Personal review comments:

By Audrey Jolly

I really enjoyed reading Slice of Life. It’s heart centered, accessible, informative, fanciful with elves and characters such as Old Soul.  Embedded in the story are some very deep, thought-provoking concepts. I found myself in anticipation of the answers as they were revealed in the book. I took it to the country for the weekend and felt I went on an extended adventure … a delightful read which I highly recommend.


By Peter Billiaert

Slice of Life as it states is a self-help odyssey. Rich Lindal opened up his life to share with all of us. In doing so it opened up a greater understanding and purpose of my life for me. I now understand what is meant by core beliefs. In the past I struggled with power as my driving force in life. I was driven to be better than everyone else. Now I understand that it is my uniqueness and the contrast my thoughts and ideas provide for others that is important, not power. This book has opened my mind to the possible. This would be a wonderful book for all teenagers to read. They, like us, are all struggling with who they are and the fears and trepidations we all feel and felt. If you are struggling with your sexuality, bullying, grief to thoughts of suicide, read this book. I believe it will help you realize that you too are unique. Perhaps now I will listen more closely to my “Old Soul”. This is a wonderfully easy book to read and I hope it will transport you like me to dimensions you never knew existed.

By Maureen Goldstein

Rick, I think that your book is perfect for these times. You have a wonderful way of making the multi-dimensions feel like a natural extension of living in 3D, and as we walk with Rikki through his awakening journey, we also have the opportunity to awaken to our own. This happens to be a fairy-tale that is more real than tale. You have captured the joy and curiosity of the inner adventure with a flow that defies the bars of the standard perceptions we usually encounter down here. Thank you for writing this book.