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5 of 5 stars Recommended for: Everyone

The Purpose is a very fulfilling and resourceful book which had arrived at the perfect moment in my life. For years I had undergone tremendous stresses and work-place bullying, to which at first had little effect on me, but after several years this behaviour had subconsciously altered my reality and unmercifully rendered my mind a very dark place. The clouded conjecture of why my mind had arrived to this state became intolerable. This book, (The Purpose) was introduced to me at a very low point and provided poignantly powerful mind structures to help practice the ability to assess my thought from a third party perspective. Written by Dr. Rick Lindal, the wisdom and practical knowledge gained from these astutely authored pages helped me escape the darkened cell my brain was hammered into. Now adroitly armed with profoundly pensive thinking formulated by this book, I am now able to venture freely with the knowledge on how to break these toxic events from forming again and enjoy this life with positive progressions once again. A very informative read and recommend it intently!

Automacious The Amazing’s Review - April 12, 2015

5 of 5 stars Recommended for: Adult

The reader does not have to be religious, or a member of a faith-based system, to benefit from this book. Dr. Rick Lindal gives meaning to life’s most difficult questions in an easy to read and understand narrative. By using a character and novel-type story, the author captivates the reader while explaining the soul’s emotional journey.

By using fictional characters, Rikki, and Old Soul, the information is presented in a series of conversations. (Rikki, the child and Old Soul, his God-like mentor). This makes overwhelming topics easy to comprehend.

Rikki asks if he has control of his destiny. The answer is simple and honest. “You create your reality through fluid relationships that occur between the uniqueness of your soul, trance states, emotions, long-term goals, intent, fate, and free will.” All of these factors are expanded and explained in detail.
Old Soul speaks about Core Beliefs (fate, free will, uniqueness, action, cognitive contrast, aging and death), and the importance of these in the creation and foundation of the soul’s emotional journey. The topics of Love and Evil are beautifully explained with historic examples.

The format is intriguing; Old Soul’s lines are in blue ink, while the rest of the dialogue and narrative are in classic black. This is brilliant on the part of the design because it makes it a quick read. The text seems to be “chunked” and that makes it easier to absorb the information.

The Purpose: Your Soul’s Emotional Journey is an excellent book for anyone questioning their journey in life, their beliefs, and the ultimate question: “why”. While this book is marketed to adults, if the author modified the text using simple and plain language, this book would be perfect for the influential young adult/teenager age range.

Tofts Reviews - January 17,  2015

 4 of 5 stars

This book is an expansion of Lindal's previous book Slice of Life, which was published in 2012.

The basic concept of both books is that one can learn how to cope with life through belief in the concept of the soul as a journeying entity - in other words, the belief that re-incarnation exists, wherein the soul "learns" life lessons and evolves.

Lindal is a practicing psychologist, who has often used the methods outlined in the two books to help patients with such issues as self-acceptance and dying.

I reviewed Slice of Life previously on Goodreads. It took me a while to fully understand and come to terms with the concepts in it, as they were not concepts I had learned growing up.

Through story-telling, beginning with the childhood of Rikki and continuing through his life journey, concepts such as the emotions, sexual identity, and the self are explained in the context of Lindal's beliefs. A helpful section on core beliefs and how they affect every human being is included as well.

The Purpose includes the content of Slice of Life, but it has been greatly expanded. The layout differs, but the most important difference to me was the addition of chapters on the concept of evil - what it is, how it manifests, and its purpose.

Evil is a subject that intrigues and plagues most human beings. I have struggled to try to come to some kind of understanding of it and its effects on ordinary well-meaning people. Although I cannot yet say that I have come to terms with evil, I find Lindal's explanation rather comforting.

Lindal's first book changed my life. It helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life - that of escaping an abusive relationship. I cannot count how many times I stopped while in a panicked or deeply unhappy state to use the methods I learned in Slice of Life. Simply telling myself that "everything happens for a reason" gave me the strength I needed at that horrible time.

I welcomed the sections on the concept of evil with open arms. Evil impinges on the lives of almost everyone in life, and I have confidence that working through those chapters in The Purpose repeatedly, will bring me to a different understanding of it.

The Purpose features a foreword by Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Iceland, Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson, who summarizes some of Lindal´s concepts by saying that "full emergence into negative emotions is the main objective of physical existence." This is the theme of this book, but the reader is not left with that rather hopeless thought. Lindal walks you through the dark issues of life, and helps the reader come out on the other side - a greater understanding.

I recommend this book to anyone who is searching for a new and different understanding of life, or a new way to cope with the ups and especially downs of life.

Judy's review January 1,  2015

5 of 5 stars

We just finished translating this book from English to Spanish for the author and wanted to share our opinion about it. We were initially very excited about the opportunity to translate a book on this topic because of our backgrounds, and it more than met our expectations. While growing up in Cuba, my father often spoke to me about spirits and recently had a conversation with me about my spirit guide. As a psychologist who previously worked in academia, Greg has long been interested in how people cope with stress, uncertainty, and other challenges in their lives. Unlike the all-too-common disappointing self-help books and dry academic texts on topics like spirituality, meaning in life, and dealing with emotions, this author found a unique, engaging, inspiring, and highly effective way to address these important aspects of life. Dr. Rick Lindal has created an enjoyable yet thought-provoking story by carefully weaving together a fabric of fiction and autobiographical events that covers the learning of many of the key skills and understandings that truly benefit people. The compelling story of Rikki’s life, from the time before in the spiritual dimension through his time on Earth in the captivating backdrop of Iceland’s landscapes and folklore and beyond, draws the reader in from the beginning until the end. When you read this book, it’s like reading one of those great stories that you can’t put down, but then afterward, it dawns on you how much it has made you think about your life, what it means to you, how you want to go through it, and why you are excited about living it.

Greg and Yucelyn Turek June 10, 2015

5 of 5 stars

Dr Lindal’s book is an amazing journey through his exploration trying to find answers to his emotions, happenings and purpose in life. It helps readers, based on psychological foundations, to accept and overcome tough episodes, to draw a lesson from these experiences, and teach us that everybody is responsible for managing his/her own destiny.

Even if you are sceptic about these topics, I am sure you will come away strengthened and inspired to do better in life.

Maria May 15, 2015

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