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By Audrey Jolly, MA, Psychotherapist

I give this book two thumbs up. It is thoroughly enjoyable, easy to read, with a profoundly deep and far-reaching root system. Mysterious memories and unexplainable moments from my own past continued to bubble up as I read it. The Purpose gave a very clear and understandable explanation of life’s mystery and meaning. It is intelligent, educational and full of heart.

Rikki and Old Soul are two of the main characters. As their relationship evolves, through the book, I found myself eagerly anticipating their next visit. Old Soul describes the soul’s nature as one of loving intent. Old Soul, who is neither male nor female, explains to us that we experience and discover our true, inner nature (which is love) from the painful and negative emotions that take place during our lives. How we hold these intense and often overwhelming emotions and the decisions we make in response to them leads us to the discovery of our inner nature and spirituality.

Now there is a thought to ponder both personally and professionally for myself as a psychotherapist. Dr. Rick Lindal’s in-depth understanding of psychology and spirituality comes through loud and clear. I found it to be an interesting and stimulating read. I highly recommend it.

Make sure you have a journal close at hand and a pencil for underlining passages upon which to reflect.

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Fictionalized account of one soul's discovery of the spiritual self

Challenging conventional views of both faith and psychology, Lindal, a clinical psychologist, takes readers on a journey into what he calls the Spiritual Dimension. This dimension, at once hidden and yet accessible to people, is the home of all human souls. In a bold, helpful approach, Lindal uses fiction heavily laced with autobiography to introduce his concepts.

The story follows Rikki, a man born and raised in Iceland who encounters the spiritual world, in various forms, at a young age. He eventually meets Old Soul, a wise being in the Spiritual Dimension who agrees to be his "fylgja," a guardian spirit or supernatural mentor. Through discussions with Old Soul, Rikki learns that all people are incarnations of much older souls, which reincarnate many times in order to experience emotions, especially negative ones: "Life on Earth is essentially about discovering who you are through creation, that is, the creation of experiences that bring about emotions within you." Through these experiences, souls mature and evolve.

Rikki also learns that challenges in his life, ranging from a speech impediment to his homosexuality, are choices he made before his incarnation for the sake of richer life experiences. Eventually, Rikki discovers that Old Soul is in fact his own "over-soul," a term for the spiritual manifestation of a person that exists simultaneously with the physical incarnation. A major theme of the book is that each person creates his or her own reality. This is done before life begins, but it is also done as we live life, since we have free will to make our own choices. Knowledge of this reality, the author says, is helpful to people as they struggle through life's problems and face life's big questions.

Though Lindal's views are out of the ordinary, they are by no means unique. His choice of fiction to couch a discussion of the Spiritual Dimension works well, as it allows the book to describe the author's ideas in a personalized manner.

 An engaging introduction to what, Lindal says, is a world just outside our grasp.

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