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Nov. 4, 2014 - 5 out of 5 stars  

By Dan Lang

The subtitle "Learning how to experience life through a different lens" is a very good summation of this book.  Dr. Lindal has pulled together much ancient wisdom from a variety of sources, but rather than making it an exposition he reveals and makes meaningful the elements of this wisdom through the life experience of a young boy and the questions that naturally arise with his reflections on his own life experiences. The narrative arises from his questions about life and the wondering, which we have all had, which is "how can I understand this" and "how should I respond to what I am experiencing."

Whether you agree or not with the guidance this young man is getting from "old soul," you will be getting a way that you can start to see differently the underlying nature and purpose of what we all experience in different ways in the course of our lives.

Reframing the way that we see things can be a hugely liberating experience and The Purpose is an intriguing journey of seeing the world we live in and why we are here in a very different way. If these very simple questions intrigue you, I highly recommend The Purpose

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