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Praise for the first edition of this book, entitled Slice Of Life: A Self-Help Odyssey

“Lindal presents us with the intriguing tale of the life and adventures of “Rikki.” The book is delightfully written, and fresh and energetic in its approach. But this is not just a great story, it is also a teaching vehicle that imparts psychological and spiritual wisdom to those who read it. These jewels are woven into the narrative with an originality and finesse that easily carry the reader along. One of the principal characters is “Old Soul,” with whom Rikki has lively exchanges which are well suited to help seekers on their way. This partly autobiographical and partly fictional book makes great reading for the adventurous soul.”

Adam Crabtree - Transpersonal Psychotherapist, and author of Multiple Man: Explorations in Possession and Multiple Personality, From Mesmer to Freud: Magnetic Sleep and the Roots of Psychological Healing, and Trance Zero: Breaking the Spell of Conformity.


“With the dramatic landscapes of Iceland forming the backdrop, Dr. Lindal weaves an enlightening understanding of life, death and spiritual evolution through dialogues with a spirit guide named Old Soul. Wisdom from leaders of psychology and spirituality is integrated into an entertaining whole. Let me add that spirit guides are very real, as over a period of 10 years I have had dialogues with an extremely intelligent and articulate spirit being named Ahtun Re, channeled through trance medium Kevin Ryerson. Much of what I’ve learned from Ahtun Re is consistent with Dr. Lindal’s narrative, which I highly recommend.”

Walter Semkiw, MD. Author of Born Again: Reincarnation Cases Involving Evidence of Past Lives, with Xenoglossy Cases Researched by Ian Stevenson, MD., Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation, Soul Groups Reunited, and Origin of the Soul and the Purpose of Reincarnation. Dr. Semkiw is also President of, an organization focused on objective evidence of reincarnation.

Reviews on Amazon:

By Toronto Reader

I bought my first copy of this book several months ago. I read it once and loaned it to a friend who loaned it to her mother. I’ve been thinking about the concepts and wanted to read it again so I bought another copy for myself and a third copy to lend. The author has presented very complex issues in an easy for me to understand fable.


By Better Brain Better Life

What a wonderful book! I love the way Rick Lindal takes the wisdom teachings of Seth and Victor Frankl and makes them so accessible. This book has the best take on the relationship between fate and free will that I have yet encountered. I am using the core belief teachings in my daily life. I also enjoyed learning about Rikki’s personal journey through life, and his victories. I read it through without making notes or underlining. As soon as I finished I started it again so that I could highlight the teachings that really spoke to me. I highly recommend this book for those who see themselves on a psycho-spiritual development path.


By Dr. Ronald Filler,Associate Professor of Psychology, Rider University

Slice of Life by Dr. Rick Lindal is written with striking clarity and is thoroughly enjoyable to read. The book offers significant insight regarding the path to a fulfilling life as well as an entertaining story. It is surely an excellent read, both entertaining and full of wisdom. I highly recommend this book for anyone searching for a more rewarding life. I look forward to Rick’s next publication!